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Seasons of change. Images: Unsplash.

It’s been a busy year for WONDR. We launched some of our most successful projects. We made it our mission to empower clients to set their digital brand story and helped them realise great success to boot. We achieved some big goals in 2018.


New Music Dublin

How we created the highest performing Magento eCommerce site in the World.


Wondr ISSUE 1: Human After All. Download full issue below.

In an extract from part one of our zine, ISSUES, we’ve started to explore what artificial intelligence is and the increasing role it may play in branding and human living. First up, we chat to Creative Director, Oisín Hurst, on what it means to be a creative on the cusp of an AI explosion.


A Digital Product Practice — Accelerated innovation comes from clarity & bravery.

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